International Rebellion

What's happening in London?

Beginning Monday 15th April: 5 iconic london locations


In London, we will be blocking 5 iconic locations – Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and Piccadilly Circus (XR Youth).

We will block and hold four sites. To take the sites smoothly and effectively we need your help. We have allocated each site to regions of the UK.

Affinity Groups and anyone willing to be involved with initial road blocking needs to be nearby the site for 9am. Everyone else, please join us from 11am.

Marble Arch


This is an emergency

We are living in a Climate and Ecological Emergency. Marble Arch has been chosen as one of the iconic locations at which Extinction Rebellion will block the 6-lane road at the junction of Bayswater Road, Edgware Road, Oxford Street and Park Lane through nonviolent, creative direct action with music, theatre and dance.

Join a broadcast-only Whatsapp group for this site to receive updates and info during the rebellion: This is an Emergency 1 // This is An Emergency 2 // This is an Emergency 3 // This is an Emergency 4 // This is an Emergency 5.

Oxford Circus

Bristol / Wales

Tell the Truth

Extinction Rebellion’s 1st demand is that the “Government must tell the truth by declaring a climate and ecological emergency, working with other institutions to communicate the urgency for change”. With the BBC HQ just up the road and in the epicentre of our planet-damaging consumerism, we will tell the truth about the severity of the climate and ecological emergency, as the Government and media are failing to. Through dancing to DJs, discussions, circus and art, we will create a sea in the centre of the junction of Oxford Street and Regent Street as we rise like the oceans.

Join a broadcast-only Whatsapp group for this site to receive updates and info during the rebellion: Tell the Truth 1 // Tell the Truth 2 // Tell the Truth 3 // Tell the Truth 4 // Tell the Truth 5.

Waterloo Bridge

South West

Act Now

Extinction Rebellion’s 2nd demand is that “Government must act now to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025”. Extinction Rebellion invites people, families and children to help us block and co-create a garden bridge on Waterloo Bridge – bring plants, shrubs and picnics to share. Let’s create the world we need to survive and thrive in. The bridge will remain open to cyclists.

Join a broadcast-only Whatsapp group for this site to receive updates and info during the rebellion: Act Now 1 // Act Now 2 // Act Now 3 // Act Now 4 // Act Now 5.

Parliament Square

Midlands / North / East Anglia

Beyond politics

Demand 3 says that “Government must create and be led by the decisions of a Citizens’ Assembly on climate and ecological justice”. The Government must move beyond party politics on the climate and ecological emergency. We invite people and politicians to experience real democracy, to take part in people’s assemblies to model the direct, deliberative democracies we need.

Join a broadcast-only Whatsapp group for this site to receive updates and info during the rebellion: Beyond Politics 1 // Beyond Politics 2 // Beyond Politics 3 // Beyond Politics 4 // Beyond Politics 5.

Piccadilly Circus

XR Youth

The Heart

Extinction Rebellion Youth will gather at 11am Hyde Park Corner and make their way towards Piccadilly Circus, which is geographically at the heart of our rebellion, and which will become a key meeting point during the rebellion – forming the hourglass ‘X’ of the Extinction Symbol.

Join a broadcast-only Whatsapp group for this site to receive updates and info during the rebellion: The Heart 1 // The Heart 2 // The Heart 3 // The Heart 4 // The Heart 5.


Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th April: Build Up Weekend

Briefing, training, connecting and preparing with other Rebels in London, details here

Sunday 14th April: Earth March Arrives

Find out more here

Monday 15th April- 11am 5 locations: International Rebellion Day One

6pm Marble Arch: our first night – rebellious performance and music begins.

Tuesday 16th April: Day Two

If the Government has not responded, we will shut down the city across four sites.

Wednesday 17th April: Day Three Onwards

Open Rebellion For As Long As It Takes- If there is still no response, we will begin to block roads outwards from the sites and continue to stage and escalate our creative nonviolent civil disobedience.

Arts & Culture

Check out this list of Creative Actions taking place during Rebellion, to see what’s going on at various sites. Schedules for the stages won’t be published as they are likely to change, but there will be a massive variety of music, acts and inspiring speakers.

Are you an artist, musician, poet, performer? Do you run workshops?

The rebellion will be a beautiful space for co-creation and creative action, this is our rebellion, and it’s made by all that we all bring to it.

Sign up to take part and send any performance queries to

This will only be made possible through the power of our collective action.

Why Disruption?

Civil disobedience works when it’s peaceful, respectful, disruptive and undertaken en masse. We don’t want to disrupt people, but our Government’s failure over the last 30 years leaves us no choice. If we had functioning democracies we wouldn’t need to. We’ve tried petitions, marches, letters, reports, papers, meetings, even direct actions; and emissions have continued to rise. Governments prioritise the short term interests of the economic elites, so to get their attention, we have to disrupt the economy. They have left us with no other option.

Actions & Legal Implications

Once you arrive at a site, you will find a “Welcome Table” where there will be information and questions answered, as well as multiple inductions and NVDA trainings happening throughout the day.

This movement welcomes and supports the involvement of people of all ages, ethnicities, capacities, and backgrounds with recognition that the least privileged are the hardest hit by the environmental crisis. We acknowledge that ethnic minorities and those with mental health conditions and physical disabilities in particular receive harsher treatment from police, and support everyone’s individual decision as to their level of involvement in direct civil disobedience actions.

By joining together in the road – standing, singing, doing workshops – we will be taking nonviolent civil disobedience and risking arrest. If the police move to make arrests, those who are prepared to get arrested can stay sitting and await arrest, while those who are not willing to get arrested can move off the roads. Moving off the road will reduce your risk of getting arrested.

Everyone is welcome in the Rebellion and you are always free to decide on your level of involvement in the street performances or roadblocks.

Before you attend the International Rebellion, please read this legal preparation briefing and take a look at our legal FAQs. The briefing also includes some links for further research – you know your individual circumstances better than anyone else and you might need to do some additional research on how your actions could affect these circumstances. Please note that we must all take responsibility for our own actions.

During the Rebellion please call in arrests on London actions to 07749335574

We are coming together to protect life on Earth – that includes the spaces and people of London. So treat passers-by with kindness and don’t cause any violent damage to the spaces where we will come together to rebel for our future. Some of these spaces will include parks and world heritage sites that we should all treat with the respect that they deserve. A lack of respect for these spaces will not only reflect badly upon our movement, but could also have severe legal implications for you. We are coming together in celebration of life.


We want everyone to be welcome, safe and able to take part in the rebellion. If you have specific access requirements, please email us at

What to bring?


Tent and sleeping bag (if staying at Marble Arch, more details on other accommodation below), a water bottle, sun cream, a cushion/chair, raincoat and warm clothes, any medication and anything else you would bring for a long stay sleeping outside. It is April and it will be chilly at night, so please bring sleeping mats with good ground insulation, hats etc.

Creative Protest

A pot-plant for co-creating a green space, musical instruments etc.

Please be aware the Rebellion is alcohol and drug free.


Wellbeing and Families teams and systems will be in place to provide some support to Rebels, but Extinction Rebellion advises that you make every effort to take care of your own needs and the needs of those around you.

Being prepared, both physically, mentally and emotionally for whatever you might be getting up to. Know your boundaries and make sure you have the support system you need in place e.g. friends, family, Affinity Groups. Keep an eye out for signs of physical or emotional fatigue. Whether you are in an Affinity Group or not, you should consider ‘buddying up’ with someone on the ground. Buddies can look out for each other personally during the action and can check in with each other afterwards.

Community spaces and churches will be open for rest and regeneration across the city. For physical and emotional support, there will be Wellbeing Sanctuaries and First Aid Points at each of the camps where you will be able to either access or be sign-posted to support. There will also be opportunities to participate in a variety of talks and workshops on Wellbeing and Regeneration.

Out on the streets, the Wellbeing teams will be easily identifiable in blue sashes and First Aiders will be wearing Green vests.

The wellbeing of our Earth and all life is why we are here. Recharge by reconnecting with yourself and nature whenever possible to ensure that you stay positive and grounded to the cause.

Also to be found near the Wellbeing Sanctuaries will be the Families teams who will be facilitating activities and workshops to help younger Rebels and their carers connect with the action and each other in an enjoyable way.

There is ongoing Wellbeing, Resilience and Respite support beyond the Rebellion weeks. We will be providing guidance for accessing local resources, workshops, trainings, talking circles and group/peer support. This is for individuals as well as for wellbeing coordinators and buddies to feel empowered to help their fellow activists. for more information.

There are also opportunities for respite on pieces of land and in people’s homes across the country. Please contact


Coaches from around the country

Coaches are coming into London from across the country, so join with friends new and old for the journey down to London. Find tickets here.

Rebel Riders

If you live close to London and own a bike, why not join the Rebel Riders? This is not just for lycra-wearing professionals: the Riders are covering around 30 miles per day (with frequent stops), and actively encourage participation. We are looking for bicycle mounted affinity groups during the rebellion to help with the action.

The camp at Marble Arch will be ringed with railings against which Riders can secure their bikes, and these railings will be within eyeline of Rebels, stewards and night-watchers, but we’re also working with the accommodation team to provide alternative places for people to leave bikes.

XR Youth

We are all rising up, the youth included – visit to find out more.

Overnight Plans / Accomodation

There are four sites in Central London that will be held. Three of the sites (Beyond Politics, Tell The Truth and Act Now) will be held by designated Rebels round-the-clock in shifts. We’ll stay up throughout the night at these sites, hosting everything from candlelit vigils, to sober raves, to interfaith events. If you’d like to host a nocturnal event, please get in touch, or get down to support these nightwatchers as often as you can.

A briefing with details of which regions and Affinity Groups are assigned to which location will soon follow this document.

One site, This Is An Emergency at Marble Arch, will be the XR Campsite. This will be a secure, safe and supportive space. Come from Sunday 14th with your camping gear to join the Earth Marchers at Hyde Park and join the warm rebellious welcome we’ll be putting on for them.

Most Rebels will split their nights between camping at This Is An Emergency and supporting the nocturnal events at Beyond Politics, Tell The Truth and Act Now. The more Rebels we have at each site, the easier they will be to hold.

If you can’t camp and don’t have contacts in London, you are still crucial to this Rebellion and we’ll find you somewhere to stay. Contact the XR Accommodation Team via this form as soon as possible: We’ll match you with London-based Rebels who have kindly offered space in their homes, or house you in a larger indoor campsite. If you are coming with friends, fill out the form once as a group to stay together.

If you are able to offer space in London, please fill out the same form.

And finally, if you haven’t already, please read the Rebel Agreement.

Volunteer at the Rebellion!

Fill in this form for on-site volunteering during the rebellion.

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