Rebels mass to prevent tree felling

January 18, 2020 By Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion activists have begun to mass in the Colne Valley, to prevent the felling of woodland planned by HS2 this weekend. The Rebels join longstanding activists from StopHS2 and Save Colne Valley to oppose the proposed operation. Hundreds of tree protectors are expected over the weekend, vowing to stop the trees from being chopped down, while adhering strictly to peaceful, non-violent principles and tactics.

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Extinction Rebellion and StopHS2 join forces to save Colne Valley’s trees from HS2 destruction

January 15, 2020 By Extinction Rebellion

This weekend (17-20th January), Save Colne Valley, Extinction Rebellion and Stop HS2 join forces to save the trees that HS2 plans to fell along Harvil Road and along the Chiltern Trainline (UB9 6JW). This follows a failed attempt in April 2019 by HS2 to remove the trees stopped by an earlier joint action on a smaller scale, when protesters took to the trees. [1]

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Hunger Strike Ends on Night of Defiance

December 15, 2019 By Extinction Rebellion

After 26 days, Peter Cole, Marko Stepanov and Julian May have ended their hunger strike, breaking their fast on Election night, Friday 13th December. Surrounded by around thirty members of Extinction Rebellion, the trio watched the re-elected Prime Minister entered CCHQ without so much as a glimmer of recognition for them, as the Conservative leader had regularly passed so unresponsively through the guarded gates before.

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